​A​​ bath lift is an important piece of equipment for caring and assisting people in hospitals and aged care facilities. These lifts help make the process of bathing a more dignified experience for the patient and eases the workload and stress for caretakers.  By making lifting and lowering patients easier, the task of patient hygiene becomes a less straining part of the job as a caretaker. 

​It's of course important to get high quality when you purchase tools and equipment to ensure a low cost of ownership, longevity and efficiency when transporting patients and the elderly. With an electric bath lift you lessen the risk of injuries and stress that can force a worker to take a leave of absence or sick leave which costs both time and money. It also negatively effects the patients as well when a caretaker they're familiar with are unable to assist them with daily tasks.

Bath lifts that lasts

With a bath lift from TR Equipment you get something that'll last, crafted with high quality materials and there's a wide arrange of models to choose from to boot. Outside of bath lifts, TR Equipment also create shower chairs, stainless steel bathtubs for treatment of burn victims and much more. 

With the focus on simpli​city and quality they deliver tools and equipment that makes daily tasks for hospital and aged care facility staff that much easier without being too difficult to learn and understand. Since they also consult patient hygiene experts, their products are certain to meet all the hygiene standards and laws regarding patient hygiene. So regardless whether you're in need of a bath lift or something else, TR Equipment's got you covered.​